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 The Seven Last Words Of Christ

Francois Clement Theodore Dubois
1837 - 1924
The Seven Last Words of Christ
A Sacred Cantata
For Soli, Chorus and Orchestra
Latin and English Text
Written in 1867

O vos omnes, qui transitis Soprano Solo All ye who travel upon the
Pater dimitte illis Tenor,Baritone and Base Father forgive them
Hodie mecum eris in Duet, Tenor and Baritone Verily thou shalt be in
Stabat Mater Soprano,Tenor,Baritone Chorus See yon mother
Deus meus Baritone Solo God my Father
Sitio Tenor, Baritone and Chorus I am athirst
Pater, in manus tuas Tenor and Chorus Father, into thy hands
Consummatum est Soprano,Tenor,Baritone,Chorus It is finished
Adoramuste Christe Chorus Christ we adore thee


The Lenten Cantata is presented in an eighty-page booklet, measuring six and three quarters by ten and one half inches.  The Latin is superimposed over the English text and the performance time is approximately forty-five minutes.  At the beginning of each Word, the Introduction and the Conclusion, there is a short paragraph written in Latin and an adjacent paragraph written in English.  The Choral Conclusion of the Seven Last Words is preferably sung with the great organ.  The organ then doubles the voices with very soft stops - - gamba and voix celeste.

Composed of the complete organ score, including all choral and solo passages, 
the Dubois Seven Last Words of Christ may be ordered direct from:

Item Number: PR412401720
1-800 743 3868  (PST)


A CD with a 1962 recording of the entire Seven Last Words sung in Latin, including the Soprano, Tenor and Baritone Solos accompanied with the Choir and Organ is available from Holy Art Works. 
For particulars, send email to HolyArtWorks@Carolina.rr.com

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