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Authentic And Authorized Giclee Framed Canvas Reproductions of Christian Religious Paintings

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Framed Prints
These Photo Prints are available in three sizes and two frame styles.

The Crucifixion
 Constantino Brumidi 

Divine Mercy

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Ecce Homo
St. Brother Albert

Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Guadalupe
All frames hand crafted in our associates shop.
Photos have a Foamex backing to protect against fading over the years. 
Acrylic cover, back sealed with Kraft paper.
Ideal for school class rooms with the use of acrylic instead of glass.
Framed Print - 8 x 12


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Framed Print - 10 x 15


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Framed Print - 12 x 18


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Pins And Medals

We have extended the Pins and newly added Medals to one and a half inches.  The finely crafted pins and medals are so micro detailed (See the black ribbons hanging from the wrists of Our Blessed Mother), the artisans opted to use the semi-cloisonné process.  At high magnification, the image appears flawless.   Color changes closely represent the true colors of the Tilma.

Research has disclosed that the figure at the bottom, holding up the corners of the Tilma, is an angel with the body of a boy but the face of a man.  The angel represents Juan Diego, the man who was the witness to the Divine Message. The wings of the angel are like those of the wings of an eagle, symbolic of the Mexican Flag.

These multi-colored pins and medals are shipped in individual clear plastic closure wrappers, the back side features a ready-use pin with a clutch clasp.  Order several for friends and family.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal Front and Back
OLG Pins & Medal
Our Lady of Guadalupe Pins and Medal

25 Pins - $75.00
50 Pins - $147
100 Pins - $288
200 Pins - $558
300 Pins - $810
500 Pins - $1279
1000 Pins - $2180
2000 Pins - $4200

25 Medals - $75.00
50 Medals- $147
100 Medals- $288
200 Medals- $558
300 Medals- $810
500 Medals- $1279
1000 Medals- $2180
2000 Medals- $4200

Our Lady of Guadalupe Basicila Stamped Medal
Double Sided Medal
(Price Includes Shipping)

OLF Medal Basilica

25 Medals - $108.00
50 Medals - $210
100 Medals - $409
200 Medals - $796
300 Medals - $1161
500 Medals - $1827
1000 Medals - $3118
2000 Medals - $6020

  Custom Cloisonné Lapel Pins and Medals

Now you can create your own quality custom jewelry.  Numerous businesses, trade organizations, museums, schools, clubs, associations, military reunion groups and smaller institutions take advantage of our competitive prices and efficient, courteous service.  Capture your own special design on distinctive, permanent and brilliant enamel, on 1.5 mm brass (laton) metal.

Most pins are manufactured using the artful and meticulous cloisonné process.  Micro detailed designs may require the semi-cloisonne’ process which differs ever so slightly in appearance from the true cloisonné.  We can determine the best process only after viewing your design, including the colored art work.  Quantity and sizes are additional determining factors.

Please contact us with your art work for a detailed qoute.

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