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Priest for Life Pro-Life Meditations
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Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Ecce Homo
The Crucifixion Divine Mercy
“The Family that Prays Together Stays Together” Fr. Patrick Peyton (1909-1992) 

Prayer For The Unborn:

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love You very much.  I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.”   Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The Holy Rosary

The Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary Luke 1:26 Reflection: Responding to God's daily call to us
2. The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth Luke 1:39 Reflection: Generous service to those in need
3. The Birth of Jesus Luke 2:1 Reflection: Simplicity in our lives and choices
4. The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple Luke 2:22 Reflection: Obedience to the Law of God
5. Finding Jesus in the Temple Luke 2:41 Reflection: Zealous seeking out God’s will

The Luminous Mysteries

1. The Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan Matthew 3:17 Reflection: Listening to our Father’s voice
2. The Wedding at Cana, Christ Manifested John 2:11 Reflection: Revelation and belief in Jesus
3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God Mark 1:15 Reflection: Repentance and the Mercy of God 
4. The Transfiguration of Jesus Matthew 17:2 Reflection: Transfiguration and the Glory of God
5. The Last Supper Matthew 26:26 Reflection: The Perfect Offering, His Eternal Presence in the Holy Eucharist

The Sorrowful Mysteries

1. Agony of Jesus in the Garden Matthew 26:36 Reflection: Sin, Agony, repentance, desire for forgiveness
2. Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar Matthew 27:26, Isaiah 1:6; 53:3 Reflection: Mortification of body and spirit
3. Jesus is Crowned With Thorns Matthew 27:27 Reflection: Moral Courage in times of temptation and suffering
4. Jesus Carries His Cross Matthew 27:32 Reflection: True patience while under physical and spiritual stress 
5. The Crucifixion of Jesus Matthew 27:33 Reflection: Perseverance throughout life and at that last moment

The Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection of Jesus John 20:1 Reflection: Faith in our future in eternity
2. The Ascension of Jesus Luke 24:36 Reflection: Hope and Trust in God’s promise for everlasting life
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost Acts 2:1 Reflection: Inspiration and instructions for a holy life
4. The Assumption of Mary into Heaven: John 14:3 Doctrine Reflection: Anticipation of our own journey home
5. The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth: Rev 12:1 Doctrine Reflection: Her Crown of Glory

No sin is greater than the Mercy of God!

By Fr. Frank Pavone 

Joyful Mysteries

The Annunciation
Mary is troubled by the angel's greeting, yet rejoices to do God's will. Let us pray that those who are troubled by their pregnancy may have the grace to trust in God's will. 

The Visitation
John the Baptist leapt for joy in his mother's womb. We pray that people may realize that abortion is not about children who "might" come into the world, but is about children who are already in the world, living and growing in the womb, and are scheduled to be killed. 

The Nativity
God Himself was born as a child. The greatness of a person does not depend on size, for the newborn King is very small. Let us pray for an end to prejudice against the tiny babies threatened by abortion. 

The Presentation
The Child is presented in the Temple because the Child belongs to God. Children are not the property of their parents, nor of the government. They - and we - belong to God Himself. 

The Finding of Jesus in the Temple
The boy Jesus was filled with wisdom, because He is God. Let us pray that all people may see the wisdom of His teachings about the dignity of life, and may understand that this teaching is not an opinion, but the truth. 

Luminous Mysteries

First Luminous Mystery: Christ is Baptized in the Jordan
When Jesus is baptized, the Father's voice is heard: "This is my beloved Son." All are called to become adopted sons and daughters of God through baptism. We pray that children in the womb may be protected, so that they may be born and welcomed into the Christian community by baptism. 

Second Luminous Mystery: Christ is made known at the Wedding of Cana
Jesus revealed His glory by the miracle at Cana. The new couple was blessed not only with wine, but with faith in Christ. Let us pray for strong marriages, rooted in the Lord, and open to the gift of new life. 

Third Luminous Mystery: Christ proclaims the Kingdom and Calls All to Conversion
"Repent and believe the Good News." Let us pray that these first words of Jesus' public ministry may be heard by all who have committed abortion. May they know that the Lord calls them to conversion, and may they experience life-giving repentance. 

Fourth Luminous Mystery: The Transfiguration
Christ is transformed on the mountain, and the disciples see His glory. May the eyes of all people be transformed, that they may see each and every human life as a reflection of the glory of God Himself. 

Fifth Luminous Mystery: Jesus gives us the Eucharist
"This is My Body, given up for you." The Eucharist teaches us how to live and how to love. Let us pray that parents who sacrifice the babies for the sake of themselves may learn instead to put themselves aside for the sake of their babies. 

Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony in the Garden
Let us pray for mothers and fathers who are in agony because they are tempted to abort a child. May they be given the good news that there are alternatives, and may they make use of the help that is available. 

The Scourging
As Christ's flesh was torn by the instruments of those who scourged Him, so the bodies of babies in the womb are torn by the instruments of the abortionists. Let us pray that abortionists may repent of these acts of child-killing. 

The Crowning With Thorns
Jesus suffered the pain of thorns in His head, and did so silently. We pray for the mothers and fathers of aborted children. So many of them suffer deep grief and regret over a choice they can never reverse. So many suffer in silence, because others tell them it's no big deal. 

The Carrying of the Cross
Jesus was not condemned by the power of wicked people. He was condemned because of the silence of good people. Silence always helps the oppressor, never the victim. Let us pray that we may never be silent about abortion, but rather will clearly speak up to save babies from death. 

The Crucifixion
As we ponder the death of Christ, let us remember the many women who have died from so-called "safe, legal" abortions. Let us ask forgiveness and mercy for them. May their memory save other women from making this tragic mistake. 

Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection
Christ is Risen! By his Resurrection, He has destroyed the power of death, and therefore the power of abortion. The outcome of the battle for Life has already been decided: Life is victorious! Let us pray that all pro-lifers will spread this victory to every segment of our society. 

The Ascension
By ascending to the Father's throne, Christ takes our human nature, given to us in the womb, to the heights of heaven. He shows us that human beings are made to be raised to heaven, not thrown in the garbage. Let us pray that the world may learn this truth and reject abortion. 

The Descent of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the Advocate: He pleads our cause, for we cannot save ourselves. We pray that He will make us advocates for the babies, who cannot speak or write or vote or protest or even pray. 

The Assumption
The Blessed Virgin Mary was taken body and soul into heaven because she is the Mother of God. Mother and child are united. The Assumption reminds us that they belong together. We pray that society will see that it cannot love women while killing their children, and cannot save children without helping their mothers. We pray that people will be touched by the pro-life question, "Why can't we love them both?" 

The Coronation
Mary is the Queen of the Universe. The Church teaches that she is the greatest creature, second only to God Himself. The Church defends the dignity of women. We pray that people will understand that to be pro-life means to be pro-woman, and that to be pro-woman demands that we be pro-life. 

Priests for Life
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Constantino Brumidi  Stations Of The Cross

Jesus is Condemned to Die

Jesus Carries His Cross

Jesus Falls the First Time

Jesus Meets His Mother
Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Jesus Falls the Second Time

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Jesus Falls the Third Time

Jesus is Stripped

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Jesus Dies on the Cross

Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

“It is a poverty to decide that a Child must die, so that you may live as you wish”     Mother Teresa 

Meditations for Pro-Life Stations of the Cross

The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death
Though innocent, Jesus is condemned by the power of the State. In like manner, our innocent brothers and sisters in the womb have been condemned. Their rights and dignity are not recognized. In this, they bear a special likeness to Jesus.
The Second Station: Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross
The salvation of the world carried a heavy price for our Lord, the agony of the cross. As He accepts His cross, let us also resolve to endure suffering that others may live. Let us pay the price for standing up for our pre-born brothers and sisters.
 The Third Station: Jesus Falls the First Time
Almighty God was weak because He chose to be like us. He had power and glory from all eternity, yet He chose to be immersed in the world of suffering. We pray that the benefits and advantages we have in life may not cause us to forget our pre-born brothers and sisters.
The Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother
There is no deeper relationship than that of mother and child. They belong together. When one suffers, the other suffers. To love and defend one means to love and defend the other. To be pro-life means to serve both the child and the mother. It means to ask our society, "Why can't we love them both?" 
The Fifth Station: The Cyrenian Helps Jesus to Carry His Cross
Many watched the Lord suffer. Simon the Cyrenian helped alleviate that suffering. Many lament abortion. Some actually get involved to help to stop it. We pray that all people may take their active place in the pro-life movement.
The Sixth Station: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
The compassion Veronica shows reflects the compassion of so many medical physicians and nurses who treat their patients with dignity. We pray for repentance and renewal in the medical profession. May the tools and skills meant for healing nevermore be used for killing. 
The Seventh Station: Jesus Falls the Second Time
In working to defend life, there are many setbacks and obstacles. Yet we know the meaning of the cross. In weakness, power reaches perfection. We do not look to our own strengths and talents alone but to Christ. His own strength will sustain us.
The Eighth Station: Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem
Christ told these women to weep for themselves and for their children. He does not want false worship but repentance. He does not want followers who cry out to Him but then ignore injustice and bloodshed. May all who believe in Christ likewise stand up for the defenseless children.
The Ninth Station: Jesus Falls the Third Time
Despite the falls, nothing can stop our Lord, because He is on a mission of love. If the pro-life movement is not a movement of love, it is nothing at all, but if it is a movement of love, then nothing will stop it. Love is stronger than death, more powerful than hell.
 The Tenth Station: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments
Nobody can stop us from loving our pre-born brothers and sisters. Those stronger than we may strip us of popularity, possessions, or power but they cannot strip us of love. We love others with the same love that Christ showed for us. 
The Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
The powers of this world crucified the God who made this world. All power and authority come from God. All who exercise power have to account for it before the throne of God. We pray that those in government may use their powers to protect the innocent babies in the womb 
The Twelfth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross
Our Lord died. So many of His children have died with Him. His passion is re-lived with every abortion, one every twenty seconds in our country. We only know a fraction of the horror of this act in the sight of God. We only know a fraction of the horror of Christ's crucifixion. May all our brothers and sisters killed by abortion rest in Christ's peace and be saved by His cross.
The Thirteenth Station: Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
Mary experienced the pain of holding her dead Son. So many mothers grieve after their abortions. We ask that Mary may comfort them, help them face the truth about abortion, and lead them to forgiveness and healing. 
The Fourteenth Station: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb
A tomb is a memorial. It helps us remember the one who can no longer speak. May we and our society remember the babies who cannot speak. May we also remember Our Lord's Resurrection and His promise of eternal life. He has conquered abortion because He has conquered death. May we bring His victory to every part of our world!

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Stations of the Cross Meditations 

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Priests For Life Meditations reprinted by permission. 

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