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Most of The Precious Images On This Site Are Available As Plaques.

Choose from any or all of The Stations Of The Cross, The Crucifixion, Divine Mercy, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Ecce Homo, or supply your own sacred or precious image and we will create a beautifully crafted plaque for you.

Our sacred image wall plaques are made of 90% recycled materials.  The print is laminated with a UV blocking vinyl laminate and backed with a thermal activated adhesive.  It is then permanently bonded to a piece of 1/4" MDF board.  The mounted art is then finished with a beveled edge and coated with a color coordinating thermal foil to protect and decorate the edge. 

The finished plaque has a keyhole on the back to hang from and in the case of the smaller sizes, it also comes with a wooden dowel system which allows the plaque to stand on its own. We do not use pegs with 12x18 plaques.

Frames for the 6 x 9 inch plaques are not recommended, The plaques are most attractive when finished as described above.  When frames are ordered for the larger sizes, the plaque is glued into the frame with special wood hot glue.  The back is finished with craft paper and a saw tooth hanger.

Here is an opportunity to add these sacred images to your Smaller Chapels, Perpetual Adoration Chapels, Priests Rectory, Our Homes, Children’s Rooms, Classrooms, Church Conference Rooms and Business Offices.

We are proud to announce that in August of 2014 A D a 26 x 39 inch framed Giclée printed canvas of Our Lady of Guadalupe, supplied by Holy Art Works, was placed in the new Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Lovell Federal Health Center in North Chicago, IL. It is highly probable that such sacred images and plaques may be allowed in other facilities that provide services for our military veterans.

Our Lady Of
Guadalupe E

Our Lady Of

Our Lady Of
Czestochowa JG

Our Lady Of
Guadalupe J

Brumidi Crucifixion

St Brother Albert

Divine Mercy

St Michael the Archangel

Ecce Homo

Brumidi Station 6

Brumidi Station 12

Face I

Face II
These are just a few examples.  We can create plaques from MOST of the artwork featured here on HolyArtWorks.com or ask us about using other images to create custom plaques.

Small Plaque Wholesale Prices
Brumidi Stations BS 8 x 10 $15.00 All 14  $210.00
Brumidi Stations BS 16 x 20 $48.00 All 14  $672.00

Brumidi The Crucifixion XFN 6 x 9 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00
Divine Mercy* DM 6 x 10 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00
Ecce Homo EH 6 x 9 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00
Face DM I
FDM I 6 x 6 $8.00 9 x 9 $14.00
Face DM II FDM II 6 x 6 $8.00 9 x 9 $14.00
Our Lady Of Guadalupe E** OLG E 6 x 10 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00
Our Lady Of Guadalupe J OLG J 6 x 10 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00
Our Lady Of Czestochowa OLC 6 x 10 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00
Our Lady Of Czestochowa JG*** OLC JG 6 x 9 $10.00 12 x 18 $18.00

*     DM Divine Mercy: Specify English, Polish or Spanish
Our Lady Of Guadalupe E: Comparable to The Pilgrim Virgin
Our Lady of Czestochowa JG: Comparable to Jasna Góra image

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    • Image
    • Size
    • Quantity
    • Your "Ship To" Address
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Diocese
    • NC Tax Exempt Number (if applicable)
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