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Authentic And Authorized Giclee Framed Canvas Reproductions of Christian Religious Paintings

DGP Direct to Garment Print Shirts

Here is an economical alternative to Screen Printing. The set-up for Screen Printing requires a new screen for each color. That is an expensive investment and after continuous usage or prolonged storage, the screens need to be replaced. By contrast, Direct to Garment Printing (DGP) uses a digital photograph of the image. This is a one-time investment covering limitless reproduction of the image. The printing process is known as Giclee (zhee-KLAY) a French term meaning to squirt a fluid.

DGP offers a full palette of colors; screen-printing is limited to the color separations.

There is a great similarity to the Giclee process of ink printing for fabrics and for canvases. Computerized line drawings determine the proper color mix for both. The DGP for fabrics uses a textile water based ink with chemical binders. The ink is cured with a heat press. Inks used in the Giclee printouts for the canvas digital reproductions are air-dried.

We use the top of the line Gildan 2030 100% Pre-shrunk 6.1 ounce per square meter White Cotton for the T-shirts. The shirts are manufactured in the impoverished island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea, shipped to Mexico and then to a United States distribution center.

Minimum order of 24 shirts, mixed sizes and mixed images printed on one or two sides.

Gather your Churches, Schools, Cenacles of Divine Mercy, Latino/Hispanic Groups, all of whom love Our Lady of Guadalupe (Our Lady for all of the Americas, viz., North, Central and South) and the many other organizations and Dioceses together to view these sacred images and to take advantage of these significantly low prices.

Customize With Size, Image and Image Location HERE.

#1 OLGE & S DM
Our Lady of Guadalupe &
Segura Divine Mercy
#2 OLG J & S DM
Our Lady of Guadalupe Jarmosiewicz & Segura
Divine Mercy
Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe Jarmosiewicz
#5 S-DM
Segura Divine Mercy

Sizes S, M, L, XL - $9.50

Size 2XL - $10.50

Sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL - $12.50

Image on Second Side - Add $2.25

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