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 Martyred Polish Sisters of the Holy Family, 1943

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People in their various needs began to ask God for favors through the intercession of the Sisters. The many graces which have been received give evidence of the fact that the sacrifice of the Sisters was acceptable to God and is being rewarded by him.

The eleven blessed martyrs were killed by the Nazis on August 1, 1943.  The atrocity took place in the forest about three miles outside of  Nowogródek.  After the execution, they were buried in a common grave. 

Pope John Paul II confirmed their martyrdom and beatified them on March 5, 2000.  The Church of the Transfiguration, known as Biala Fara ("White Church"), now contains the relics of the eleven martyrs.

The Eleven Nuns of Nowogródek by Adam Styka

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