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The beauty and permanence of a sacred image tapestry

As with the plaques, you may choose from any of these sacred images including all of The Stations Of The Cross, The Crucifixion, Divine Mercy, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Czestochowa, and Ecce Homo.

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Divine Mercy
Our Lady of
                                                Guadalupe OLGE
Our Lady Of
                                                Guadalupe OLGJ
Our Lady of Czesto
                                                chowa OLCJ
Brumidi Stations Of
                                                The Cross Tapestry
Divine Mercy
Brumidi Stations

The Jacquard woven works of art are made of 100% natural cotton and are hand crafted.  Each and every tapestry is unique, reflecting the variations of natural fibers and the complexity of weaving miles and miles of cotton into a single tapestry. 

The art of the tapestry is woven into every square inch and evokes a richness and value that dates back to the 7th Century.  Tapestries have evolved into sophisticated works of art with a depth of texture that surpasses traditional art forms.

Our associate’s products are woven in America by skilled craftsmen and women.  Please spot clean or dry clean as necessary to ensure the long life of your tapestry. 

We can create timeless tapestries from MOST of the artwork featured here on HolyArtWorks.com or ask us about using other images to create a custom tapestry.

Sacred Image Tapestry Wholesale Prices

Price includes shipping to USA 48 states.
Alaska and Hawaii to be determined.

Wall Tapestry             26 x 34 $140.00
Wall Tapestry             40 x 53 $320.00
Grande Tapestry         53 x 70 $450.00

To price your order, including shipping
We Will Need The Following:
  • Your Tapestry Choice(s), including:
    • Image
    • Size
    • Quantity
    • Your "Ship To" Address
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Diocese
    • NC Tax Exempt Number (if applicable)
Please Click Here To Send The Above Information

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